About Me

Just an eighteen-year-old girl with a keen interest in the fashion industry experiencing life one year after graduating high school. My blog contains everything that I am experiencing in the real world and the things I am learning along the way especially in a budding fashionistas perspective

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, living in a small suburb in the Shire, I have always been a city chic ever since I was young and loved to explore and take photos, or video any new thing I capture my eyes on during my day trips. This goes for traveling; all I needed was a nice location, a trendy outfit and my makeup on point and I will most likely have a photo shoot.

My main goal for this blog is to share my advice on different trends, recipe ideas, posts about travel and beauty hacks and hobbies that I enjoy, and hopefully, will be helpful and engaging to read.


Lots of love, Courtney xoxo